2012 : Expert Advice

Finely Woven

What makes anything ‘fine’ – A classic piece of carved wood furniture; an intricate crystal chandelier; an artistic wool rug. It is a very special combination of quality materials, skilled craftsmanship…Entire Article and Video

What Is Style

Every generation of interior designers introduces new trends, some of which become so popular they become a component of style. While taking the latest design trends into consideration can be instructive when remodeling or building new, do so with caution…Entire Article and Video

Best Light

Good lighting is seamless and enhancing when it’s present, and conspicuously absent when it’s not. You know the room—warm, inviting, almost glowing from within. Guests’ faces are flattered, fabrics are rich and vibrant, food looks as it does in the cookbook…Entire Article and Video

The New Concierge

Many of Southwest Florida’s finest communities and condominiums were built decades ago. With prime locations that cannot be replaced, people are opting to stay in their homes longer than ever before. As the inevitable aging process sets in, the need for professional home improvements has never been more important…Entire Article and Video

Uniquely American

American design and manufactured furniture has always been recognized as the finest quality and value in the world. When lower priced, imported furniture entered the scene, people sacrificed the highest quality for the lowest price. However, the product began to disappoint, and as a result…Entire Article and Video

Peace of Mind

Charlie, Wilma, Ivan, Jeanne, and Frances are all names painfully familiar to residents of Southwest Florida. The financial impact of these hurricanes continues to be felt long after the completion of the clean-up and re-building. Insurance premium costs have skyrocketed…Entire Article and Video