Finely Woven

What makes anything ‘fine’ – A classic piece of carved wood furniture; an intricate crystal chandelier; an artistic wool rug. It is a very special combination of quality materials, skilled craftsmanship, and the individual style of the artisans responsible for its unique appearance.
An integral and critical component of any design project is the fabric. The textures, patterns, and hues of the fabrics, woven into the finished product, are sometimes so seamlessly integrated into a room’s decor, that we miss how important they really are. Under closer scrutiny, one begins to discover that fabrics essentially define the room and establish its style.
“A better understanding of what goes into the creation of fine fabrics gives people a real appreciation for what fabric can achieve in interior design,” says Ed Wollstein of Boca Bargoons, a third generation fabric aficionado and purveyor of fine fabrics.
Wollstein knows fine, hand crafted print fabrics are a classic example of the melding of design, art, and material. It all starts with the pattern envisioned by artists with decades of experience designing, drawing, and perfecting fabric. Each pattern has its own copyright, so it has to be one of a kind. A better understanding of what goes into the creation of fine fabrics gives people a real appreciation of what fabric can achieve in interior design.
Beyond the beautiful patterns and colors, there are many different techniques employed to add texture and style to fabulous fabric. Prints, lampas, damask, cut velvets, embroideries, brocades, and many other variations make the final selection even more exciting.
Once the pattern design is approved for a silkscreen, for example, the process turns to crafting each individual panel that will eventually comprise the finished product. Some fabrics have as many as 30 different color layers that will each be applied individually, by hand, and in perfect harmony.
A 50-yard length of base fabric is laid out on specifically designed tables. Then along the entire length, 18” to 24” at a time, one color of the pattern is hand applied along the length of the fabric. By the time the last swatch is applied, the first swatch is ready for the second color. And so the process is repeated, perhaps two dozen times, until the final tapestry of colors covers the entire length of the fabric.
“This process is essentially the same as it has been for hundreds, even thousands, of years,” adds Wollstein. Hand prints are just one example. But equal time and care goes into creating brocades, by definition fabric woven with an elaborate design, especially one having a raised overall pattern.
Quality, material, and craftsmanship is why fine fabrics can exceed $400 per yard. But Boca Bargoons buys entire remaining lots of fine fabrics for our 14 stores and are able to offer famous name brand fabrics for 50 to even 75% off their original costs. Not only do people find savings at our stores, but we have thousands of rolls of fabrics that are the last remaining yardage of some of the finest and most beautiful designs anywhere in the world.
Customers and designers alike find it thrilling to discover the perfect pattern and color that is no longer available. Walking through Boca Bargoons, one discovers each stacked color story unfolding around halls of color and texture. It’s like finding a treasure chest packed with rare jewels and heirlooms around every corner. The experience is not to be missed, and promises a different and unexpected discovery upon each visit.