MADE IN THE SHADE | The Era of Motorized Shades

There was a time, not too long ago, when you had to get up (and down) to change television channels. It’s almost unimaginable today, and soon, predicts Cindy Gayer of Window Wear Design, closing drapes and adjusting window shades by hand will also be a thing of the past.


“Motorized window treatments used to be considered a luxury,” says Gayer, “now they are almost expected, especially in a home’s main living area and master suite. The technology is terrific and can be used with any fabric or treatment. It’s as simple and reliable as operating a television remote control or plugging in a lamp. Most people love it right away.”



“Especially men,” giggles Gayer with a smile in her voice. “They love their toys!  And who wouldn’t appreciate being able to walk into the house and push a button that adjusts all the window treatments to your liking?”


The most popular systems operate on a radio frequency, and can be controlled from any location in the house like a garage door opener. There are single channel systems that power one shade, and multi-channel systems that control individual windows — as well as groups of windows.



The advantages of motorized window treatments are: convenience, energy efficiency, safety, and security at the top of the list of many. All it takes is one touch of a button to position shades and drapes, so that the right atmosphere for the right moment is created.  It is effortless to place shades exactly the way you want for entertaining, working on the computer, or simply relaxing.



In the era of programmable pre-sets, shades can be automatically raised or lowered at certain times of the day, which helps to manage a home’s temperature. Programming the system to open and close, or raise and lower blinds at different times during the day, also improves home security. And for some elevated and hard-to-reach window shade designs, motorized blinds are the safest or only option.



“They also offer significant aesthetic advantages in homes with expansive windows,” explains Gayer. “A lot of Floridian homes have wide, panoramic, glass windows which present challenges. Their treatments often have to be divided into sections, due to the size and weight of the fabric and rods; motorization makes a single, unified window treatment possible. Some customers find this a more streamlined and pleasing look.”



“No matter what your style is, we can create a motorized solution that fits your exact needs,” observes Gayer. “Whether you prefer Roman, cellular, horizontal shades, or drapes, there is an easy and elegant motorized treatment for you—that combines beauty and functionality. We’re confident at Window Wear Design, that once you’ve experienced the ease of motorized shades, you’ll never go back to the old way again.”



  • With one touch of a button, motorized shades combine beauty and function, diffusing light, protecting furniture, and showcasing the view.
  • There is no limit to the gorgeous materials available for all styles and home décor.
  • Window Wear Design has the experience to custom create and install the perfect motorized window designs for your home.
Window Wear Design is located at 6062 Taylor Road, Naples Florida 34109. Call them on 239.513.1714 to schedule a custom consultation or visit
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