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Plato wrote, “Art has no end, but its own perfection”, as a pivotal member of a society that valued beauty and artistry above all things. Placing such high value on vision and craftsmanship is not a trait lost to the mists of history, but one still revered by a company that shares the philosopher’s name: Plato Woodwork.


In 1863, Theodore Pinske lovingly labored and lingered over every fine detail in founding a construction business in Plato, Minnesota. His dedication and fine workmanship set the bar for all his subsequent projects, which allowed him to expand the business, add a lumberyard, and establish his very own millwork shop. Like a fine piece of antique furniture, handed-down to each generation to follow, he shared his pride of work with the next four generations.


In the 1960s, his family members Tom and Tim Pinske (in addition to Tom’s wife, Marlys) carefully cultivated and grew the millwork, cabinet shop business, and impeccable reputation. Honing their craft, focusing on tradition, and producing the very finest customized home cabinetry, the family continued Theodore’s legacy of excellence.



All true art is original. Plato Woodwork caters to clients bringing homeowners’ dreams to reality. The master of detail, Plato creates custom cabinetry for kitchens, home offices, baths, closets, and can beautifully transform virtually any space. Plato has developed a philosophy that leads the way in which they create cabinetry for clients: It is called the “Plato Personalized Custom” which equates to custom cabinetry truly spun from dreams for each client’s personal tastes. “Custom” means every component is made to order. Like a classical muse, the client’s vision truly inspires their work.


Whether a client chooses the richness of black mahogany, the warmth of hewn pine, or the matched finish of a cherished table passed down from one’s grandmother, Plato Woodwork evokes the idealistic combination of function and beauty. This intricate craftsmanship is categorized as Old World, yet there is nothing musty about such cabinetry in today’s modern design. You can specify nearly any wood species and desired finish and they even have the expertise to “custom match” a favorite piece of furniture.


There are no mix and match rules in design: pair a purposely plain Shaker farm table with intricately carved cabinetry, choose an onyx countertop and top it off with glazed cabinets in a complimentary shade from the opposite side of the color wheel, or select distressed cabinets to offset sleek surfaces of stainless steel appliances.


Kitchens By Clay, a family business like Plato, are the select dealer for Plato Woodwork in Southwest Florida. They welcome discerning clients to their Fifth Avenue South showroom and Airport Road location in Naples. Cabinetry experts Clay and Kelly Cox carefully design first-class dream rooms in tandem with their clients.
“Interior designers and builders come into our showroom with a vision for a project, and we work closely with them to translate their ideas into creative and innovative designs,” says Owner Clay Cox.  He continues, “We represent Plato Woodwork because the designers, and their clients, require a vast selection of wood, finishes, and ornamental accessories and expect a luxury line of cabinetry to suit their discriminating taste.  Plato Woodwork’s high caliber craftsmanship ensures their line ranks among the best in the world.  We were searching for an incomparable line of high-end design and cabinetry to accommodate our clients with an exceptional eye for detail and taste for the utmost in quality.”

Kitchens By Clay guides clients and designers through Plato Woodwork’s Select Woods Program, which invites them to choose from the five standard wood species or provided them with the extended luxury to select from virtually any wood species to meet unique design schemes. Plato’s Al A Carte Door Program also invites clients to select door styles, insert panels, door edge profiles, and drawer styles. Truly custom work is carefully completed with hand glazing in a gorgeous array of paints, stains, and finishes.


Designers and clients can rest easy, assured that Plato Woodwork’s cabinetry is built in an environmentally controlled, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. Green—and gorgeous!


Master craftsmanship, rare beauty, timeless design, and luxury defined by desires. The artistic work echoes the mastery of Plato’s era — true artistry stands the test of time with its unparalleled reputation, skill, and talent.


To view the unlimited design opportunities with Plato Woodwork’s fine cabinetry, please stop by the showrooms of Kitchens By Clay at 7935 Airport Road or 300 Fifth Avenue South in Naples, call for a private appointment on (239) 431-5474, or visit



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