The New Concierge

Many of Southwest Florida’s finest communities and condominiums were built decades ago. With prime locations that cannot be replaced, people are opting to stay in their homes longer than ever before. As the inevitable aging process sets in, the need for professional home improvements has never been more important. From the most basic of repairs and maintenance to complete renovations, the home improvement industry in Southwest Florida has seen a sharp upswing.
Finding reputable and reliable home improvement companies to meet these needs has become a difficult issue for Southwest Florida homeowners. With over 30 different types of trades necessary to service, maintain, and remodel a house or condo, many homeowners don’t have the time, expertise, or desire to endure the selection process. Having to contact and interview two or three companies for every item that needs attention, to hopefully find a qualified provider that will deliver as promised, can be a daunting task.
The problem is especially acute for part-time residents. These homeowners are faced with the prospect of addressing their home improvement needs on a long-distance basis. Not being present makes it difficult to properly interview companies under consideration, and work can’t be properly overseen by the homeowner. And paying for services prior to inspecting the finished product firsthand may not be in the owner’s best interest.
Part-time residents waiting to start the process until they arrive, replaces cherished leisure time coordinating repairs and remodeling, rather than enjoying the Southwest Florida lifestyle they sought in the first place. For condominium owners, this isn’t even an option because work can only be done in the off-season months.
To deal with this dilemma, a new type of concierge home improvement company has emerged—home improvement specialists that can help homeowners with all aspects of maintaining, repairing, and remodeling their homes year-round. From the smallest service items to complete major renovations, homeowners can turn to one reputable licensed, and insured company for all their residence’s needs.
“Home repair, maintenance, and remodeling are now very important and very busy industries in Southwest Florida,” says Joni Hall, president of Luxury Home Solutions, a home repair, maintenance, and remodeling specialty firm with offices in Fort Myers and Naples.
“We’ve seen first-hand the frustration owners have trying to find reliable tradespeople,” says Hall. “By the time they get to us, many people have already been through several bad experiences with so-called specialists who have turned out to be nothing more than unlicensed handymen.”
Dealing with unlicensed trades people may not only yield unsatisfactory work, but can leave unsuspecting homeowners with a host of other potential problems. Non-permitted work can result in fines if discovered by local inspectors, or come back to haunt an owner at the time of a future sale. There are also serious liability issues if an uninsured worker is hurt on-site. Not to mention the obvious security issues which go along with giving strangers access to your residence.
“Everyone working on our clients’ homes has gone through a rigorous background check before they become part of the Luxury Homes Solutions team,” emphasizes Hall. “All work is done under our state general contractors license, is fully insured, and always permitted when required. This is true if we are doing repairs, on-going maintenance, or full-scale remodeling.”
Whether a small maintenance item like replacing filters or pressure cleaning a roof, to remodeling a kitchen or bath, enclosing a lanai, or tearing the entire home down to the bare studs and moving walls, homeowners are appreciating the time savings and peace-of-mind of having one, reliable source for all their home’s needs.
According to Joni Hall, “The key to a pleasing remodeling experience is finding a trustworthy, licensed contractor who can complete the work exactly as you envisioned it, even if you’re not in town while the work is being completed.”