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The stack of design magazines threatens to topple from your nightstand and take over the rest of your bedroom. You have so many paint color charts, that you rival Van Gogh, and you’ve changed your mind about the furniture style seven times already. It is indeed time to talk to an interior designer. An interior designer is, above all, a good listener, but (and just as important) he or she will be able to help focus your ideas as well as suggesting his/her own.

Here are a few helpful hints when you decide to make this a collaborative process:

The first step is to search online or via print magazines to find a designer’s work you admire. Then make the call or send the email. Most consultations are free, so there is no risk to having someone come and discuss your project with you. You’ll be able to meet, bat some ideas back and forth, and get some sense if you are simpatico and if you think you could work together.

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  • A design professional will ask lots of questions, pinpointing your taste through your answers. Do you entertain often? Casually or formally? Do you work at home? Have a long-haired cat that insists on sharing your bed? Are you allergic to carpet? All your answers will help fill in the building blocks of your designer’s initial suggestions for your project.
  • Show the designer what parts of your home you like (and those with which you could do without) as well as some of your favorite possessions. Inspiration can strike from a simple vase or painting, but mostly the designer will get a ‘sense’ of you and what would please you.
  • Share those design books you have been hoarding. Point out what you love and hate in the pictured design schemes.
  • Set a budget and let the designer know if there is flexibility within it, or if it is a firm number. One of the great benefits of working with a professional Interior Designer is that they know what things cost, saving you endless legwork.

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  • Schedule a second meeting (this one will not be free). The designer should bring photos of furniture and swatches of fabric and samples of paint colors or wall-coverings. Whichever style of presentation the designers choose, find out in advance what you will be paying for it and what happens if you don’t like what you see. Many designers will “go back to the drawing board” until you’re happy, free of charge, or at a nominal fee.
  • A good designer can help you see a room in a whole new light, just by the addition of some new furniture, a different color scheme, or even new wall-coverings and accessories. Interior designers are professionals adept at combining elements in harmony with each other, but will always stay within your initial guidelines.
  • Interior design professionals will also not bully you. They will nudge you gently along pathways you may already be on, but won’t ever impose their taste on you. This is your home and your environment, and a good designer never oversteps those bounds.
  • At the end of the project, you will find that the space that you only once saw in your mind has become a reality. Professional interior designers help make your dreams actually come true.

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