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Suncoast : Home Tour : Bimini Bay

There’s a sense of awe from the time you walk in the front door of this Bimini Bay home on Holmes Beach. Take a moment to soak in the beauty, the views, and the overall atmosphere of comfortable luxury. Then look again and notice all the smaller details.

“A Ross Built home is known for attention to detail. We’ve evolved over decades of luxury construction and that shows in all our projects,” says Principal Lee Ross. Since Lee and her husband, Greg Ross, were in their 20s, they’ve been buying homes from the earlier twentieth century, and then preserving and renovating them. The charm and character of the homes from those earlier times inspires Ross Built today.

“There’s a definite curb appeal with our homes. Little things that other builders elect not to do, we pay close attention to,” explains Lee. “We have the expertise to deliver all our homes at the highest level of construction detail.”

The view of Bimini Bay is perfectly framed from the rear of the house. The front enjoys a view of Tampa Bay and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. “Our architect is a master at capturing the view from every window,” says Greg.

This home belongs to a family from Lakeland who wanted a beach home. “They came to us because they had seen the renovations we did for a neighbor,” adds Lee. “It’s a great story. They brought us a magazine photo of Oprah Winfrey’s Maui home.” They wanted to recreate that look for their own retreat.

There are deep overhangs and porches that bring the outside in. “You can hear the waves from the front door.” This is a home designed for outdoor living. The family loves boating and life on the water.

There are about 3,500 square feet of air-conditioned space, with four bedrooms, four-and-a-half baths, and two separate garages. The pool is ideal for lap swimming, which is also important to the Lakeland family. There is a dock for their boats, a tackle room, and a commercial icemaker.

“Another noteworthy exterior detail is the porches. The overhang ceiling is a walnut stained cypress which is a nice contrast to the white of the home. I think it has a calming effect,” Lee reflects. “We used Ipe wood, which is durable, hardwood decking. This is a type of wood that is just beginning to become popular here in Southwest Florida.”

The coffered ceiling in the main living area is truly spectacular. The room is a beautiful balance of crisp pale blue and dark wood. “When people walk in, they look up at that ceiling and say, ‘Wow!’” notes Ross. The family has a son in college, and he joins them on weekends with close friends. There’s enough space that each friend can have his own room. “I think they also wanted to make it alluring for him to come back and visit often,” adds Lee.

The kitchen is ideal for entertaining with all of the modern appliances in demand today. “The one comment we get is the kitchen is so timeless. It will never go out of style.” Ross points out the mixing of the two cabinets. That’s a beachy style that will last forever. The countertop is iridescent, and the backsplash is dark jade glass. Its simplicity sets it apart as it will never go out of style. It’s lovely.

“As builders we try to find ways that we can guide customers so that ten years down the line they will not say,’ I don’t like it.’ We try to find things that they will like for years, and not require a lot of maintenance.” This is especially important for a vacation home.

This Holmes Beach retreat has modern and traditional touches and elements that all flow smoothly together. “The family would pull things from magazines and bring me photos and say, ‘Can you do this?’ I just love that. It’s a great joy to make it happen. We love that kind of challenge,” adds Lee.

The couple did not want to do anything to distract from the level of detail and beauty, so when they asked for a great sound system, phantom speakers were concealed in the drywall. “We actually put in the framing, then put the drywall over the speakers. We never want the function to outshine the beauty,” she explained.

“This home is highly livable. I would say it’s up a notch from cottage comfortable because you feel at ease putting your feet up,” Lee describes. Nothing is overlooked, with every detail designed is that of a timeless retreat, a tribute to family, and gracious coastal living. It all says, “Welcome Home.”

Written by Sondra Guffey Photography by Jimmy White

Ross Built, LLC 5508 Marina Drive, Suite C Holmes Beach, FL 34217 941.778.7600


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